After covering the Iraq War, the Cuban Revolution, and the Korean War, in season 4 the Blowback co-hosts Brendan James and Noah Kulwin now turn to Afghanistan. Season four is out now. Subscribe now! Listening details below.

The entirety of season four — 10 main narrative episodes, 10 bonus episodes — is now available to Blowback subscribers, for the price of $24.99. Subscriptions are now available here.

In addition to getting all of season four at once, Blowback subscribers receive:

  • Immediate access to an ad-free catalog of past seasons
  • Extra music / demos / extended cuts from the show's soundtrack by The Great Vorelli
  • Unique discount codes for upcoming Blowback merchandise

Praise for Blowback:

“Brimming with intrigue” - Rolling Stone

“Popular” - Vulture

“Unmissable” - Podcast Review

“A cool ‘aural slapper’ to entertain & edify you” - BLCKBRD Spyplane

“Diligent and expansive research” - Boing Boing

“Well-researched” - Hyperallergic

“A gripping, thorough account” - Gizmodo

“Something different” - Tribune (UK)

“Brilliant” - The Express Tribune (Pakistan)

“Painstaking detail” - AV Club

“Filled with meticulous consideration” - IndieWire

“Genuine scholarship” - Uproxx

“A necessary resource” - Jacobin 

Technically not true crime” - Newsweek

“Meticulously researched and assembled” - O, The Oprah Magazine

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