The invasion of Iraq in 2003 constitutes the greatest crime of the 21st century. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were killed, and Iraq was plunged into a cycle of violence and crushing poverty that endures to this day.

Blowback is a 10-part podcast investigation into the war, the decades of policies that led us to destroy Saddam Hussein's government, and the aftermath of the American invasion. Co-hosts Brendan James and Noah Kulwin examine the ways in which the American government interfered in Iraqi politics long before we ever put boots on the ground, and why America turned on Saddam Hussein, the U.S. government's former favorite strongman in the Middle East.

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Here’s what Gizmodo (“a gripping, thorough account”), Jacobin (“a necessary resource”), AV Club (“painstaking detail”), Newsweek (“technically not true crime”), Fellow Travelers (“not frivolous”), and Podcast Review (“a rich history”) have said about the show.

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Drawing from archival footage and journalistic and government resources, Blowback looks at not only how the Iraq War was perpetrated, but also how it was sucked back into the memory hole, forgotten by politicians and the public. Rather than treat the war as the settled past, Blowback interrogates who exactly was responsible for steering the U.S. into war and the carnage it unleashed on Iraq.

Co-host, producer, and editor Brendan James is a writer, musician, and former producer of the hit political podcast Chapo Trap House.

Co-host Noah Kulwin is a reporter and editor who has covered technology and politics for New York Magazine, The DriftThe Outline, Jewish Currents, VICE News, and more.

Special thanks to: H. Jon Benjamin and James Adomian for providing their vocal talents; Josh Lynch, for making the art for Blowback; Will Menaker for his guest appearance; Davidson Barsky for his research assistance; and our many friends and family who've helped us along the way. Our theme song is “World Destruction” by Time Zone.

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