After a critically-acclaimed retelling of the Iraq War, season two of Blowback presents the unlikely story of the Cuban Revolution: America’s Cold War crusade brings the world to a nuclear-tipped showdown between the Kennedy brothers, Fidel Castro, the Soviet Union, the CIA, and the Mafia. Co-hosted by Brendan James and Noah Kulwin, season two is a 10-part account of how the United States tried and failed to thwart the creation of a socialist government less than a hundred miles to its south.

Season two includes 10 bonus episodes, featuring exclusive interviews. Like season one, about the Iraq War, season two is available wherever you get your podcasts.

The Blowback official soundtrack for season two is also now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music, and for download and purchase on Bandcamp.

Praise for Blowback:

“Brimming with intrigue” - Rolling Stone

“A gripping, thorough account” - Gizmodo

“A cool ‘aural slapper’ to entertain & edify you” - BLCKBRD Spyplane

“Painstaking detail” - AV Club

“Filled with meticulous consideration” - IndieWire

“It should be required listening” - Uproxx

“A necessary resource” - Jacobin

“A rich history” - Podcast Review

Technically not true crime” - Newsweek

“Meticulously researched and assembled” - O, The Oprah Magazine

Co-host, producer, and editor Brendan James is a writer, musician, and former producer of the hit podcast Chapo Trap House.

Co-host Noah Kulwin is a reporter and editor who has written for The New York TimesNew York, The Drift, Jewish Currents, and elsewhere.
Our theme song is “World Destruction” by Time Zone.

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